The Dos & Donts of Caring for your Jewellery

DO store your jewellery in a protective case. A jewellery box with fabric lined compartments works best. Keep pieces separate. Throwing jewellery into a drawer can cause gem fractures, scratches, chips, and tangled chains. If your purchase came with a protective pouch, use it.

DON’T wear your jewellery while cleaning, bathing, soaking in a hot tub, or while swimming. Soaps, household cleaners such as bleach, ammonia, and pool chemicals can cause discoloration of gemstones, metal fatigue, and pitting of precious metals. If you are not in a habit of removing jewellery on your hands then opt for rubber gloves.

DO inspect your jewellery regularly for loose stones, cracks, broken clasps, etc. Bring it in immediately for professional care and repair. Ganpati Jewellers offers various cleaning, repair, and restoration services.

DON’T wear your jewellery while applying make-up or using hairspray. Cosmetic products can cause damage, as well as leaving a filmy substance behind, making your jewellery appear dull and without sparkle. Thus is advised to wear your jewellery as the last step of getting dressed i.e. after application of cosmetics & perfumes.

DO clean your jewellery regularly, ideally once a month. The most recommended way of cleaning jewellery is with warm mild soap water solution and a brush with soft bristles. You can pat it dry with a soft cloth. If you’re unsure, bring it in to Ganpati Jewellers for professional cleaning and service. Remember, don’t clean your jewellery if you suspect any loose stones or cracks; your piece needs to be taken care of professionally.

DON’T wear your jewellery during contact sports. It goes without saying, heavy blows can damage your jewellery as well as harm another player.

DO enjoy your jewellery, inspect it regularly, keep it clean and maintained, and it will last for years.